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Omnibus – What Does it Mean Anyway?

(Omnibus) Om·ni·bus (ämnəˌbəs/) a noun meaning: a volume containing several novels or other items previously published separately.

If you’re not interested in the literal meaning of Omnibus…

As of March 2013 there are new HIPAA Laws called the Omnibus Rules or the Final Rule: HIPAA law makes did a complete overhaul of the existing HIPAA laws in an effort to reduce Identity Theft emanating from within healthcare facilities. The Omnibus Rules are 580 pages in length. If you want a cleaner condensed version for immediate use within the medical office environment, try the HIPAA Omnibus Rule Complete Package. It will give you everything you need to learn and implement these cumbersome protocols, easily, in your practice.

Omnibus rule

As one of the countries few OSHA & HIPAA experts, we get calls all of the time asking for help with OSHA & HIPAA requirements. It’s our pleasure and passion to take the cumbersome burden of OSHA & HIPAA requirements off of a busy team’s plate. With 25 years of OSHA & HIPAA training experience, we can act as an extended team member to get these requirements in order with very little work effort needed from the team. Unfortunately, many of these calls come “too late”, when inspectors have already visited the dental office and have begun to sanction fines and warnings. Don’t be one of the slackers! It’s so easy to keep up-to-date and in compliance with your OSHA & HIPAA requirements, if you choose a dedicated, caring expert.

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