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HIPAA Audits for the Healthcare Practice

Your Reception Desk: #1 Landmine for HIPAA Audit Indiscretions…

Hipaa Audit  on reception staffHIPAA audits for the healthcare practice continues to rise. Patient complaints are the number one reason why you may be targeted and singled out for a HIPAA audit. The employee that most commonly triggers these violations?  Your reception team.  And it’s not because they are not loyal and dedicated employees.  It’s because they may not be HIPAA savvy.

Since 2013, under the new HIPAA Omnibus Rules, lack of understanding and knowledge of the required business protocols, use of poor verbal skills, use of out of date HIPAA forms and lack of providing a private patient “check-in and check-out” experience, all can lead to HIPAA audit problems.  These days, patients commonly exit a healthcare facility and report HIPAA violations using their phones within minutes of leaving!  This leads to disingenuous HIPAA audits and can also be the source of heavy penalties and fines.

($10,000 – $1.5M)

Health Care Professionals and Office Managers should take care:  The way you’ve operated your front desk in the past, may not be assisting you properly in today’s aggressive HIPAA Privacy Climate.  New HIPAA Omnibus Rules demand the attention and appropriate business execution from your reception team.  There are however, a number of easy-to-implement tactics to protect your Healthcare Facility from HIPAA violations, and help you avoid an audit.

Healthcare Professionals & Office Managers, join us for an informative, free 60-minute HIPAA Update Webinar, that is guaranteed to provide enlightening insights about how you approach HIPAA protocols within your Healthcare practice.  Solutions for updates will also be reviewed.  Sign up now…

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