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Everything you need to know about the 2016 HIPAA Phase 1 and 2 Audits in 2019

Did you know?  HIPAA Audits are now being conducted in healthcare settings and this may affect your dental office!  Read below to get more details and visit the links—Most of all–get prepared! Office of Civil Rights / The Department of Health & Human Services in 2016 will launch an email campaign to randomly choose healthcare facilities and email […]

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Patty has been the office manager at Dr. White’s office for the past 20 years.  She runs a taught ship and everyone in the office knows that “what-she-says—Goes!”  Patty is reliable, accurate and committed to the success of the practice. She watches Dr. White’s bottom-line and is mindful to keep accounts receivable at a bare […]

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HIPAA Audits for the Healthcare Practice

Your Reception Desk: #1 Landmine for HIPAA Audit Indiscretions… HIPAA audits for the healthcare practice continues to rise. Patient complaints are the number one reason why you may be targeted and singled out for a HIPAA audit. The employee that most commonly triggers these violations?  Your reception team.  And it’s not because they are not […]

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Healthcare Facility under Cyber Attack and How to Avoid being Held to Ransom

Ransom? In the Healthcare Facility? No way! Yes way— read on and discover what you need to know to avoid this internet—computer software blunder. First let’s talk about a big “win” for patients: The new HIPAA Omnibus Rules aggressively protect patient records. These rules apply to the Healthcare Facility setting. All Healthcare Facilities must comply! […]

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