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HIPAA – Which Employees Must Complete HIPAA Training?

Hipaa, What is actually required?

Each employee needs to have a certificate or worksheet proving that they have been trained and are aware of their obligation to protect patient PHI, know the correct protocols when handling this information over the internet and in electronic format or on computers, telephones, etc.  There also needs to be written protocols in place within your office that dictate your handling of patient PHI.  And of course, all involved need to understand the fines and punishments for breaches or violations of the HIPAA guidelines.

Who Must Comply?
All healthcare facilities must comply with these guidelines and have written proof that they are doing so! The employees at these healthcare facilities must be fully trained and compliant on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Clinics
  • Employees handling PHI, ePHI & HER (Protected Health Info, electronic PHI, Electronic Health Records)
  • IT Techs that maintaining healthcare related internet websites

Hipaa - In Over His HeadGreat News!
There is a way to make sure you’re fully compliant. Reading the information below can make the difference between complete, comprehensive HIPAA Omnibus Rule Compliance and a “heaping HIPAA mess”….

Comprehensive is Key: Last September (2013), Federal HIPAA laws all changed.  Make sure to choose a comprehensive HIPAA training solution. Implementing this without professional guidance may leave too many loose ends.  These new laws are very precocious! Be sure your program includes:  Employee Training, An new HIPAA Manual (written to Omnibus Rule Standards), Required Paper work for your Employees & Business Vendors, a Breach Reporting Protocol and new updated paperwork for patients too. Note that the new HIPAA law standards may be referred to as either “the Omnibus Rules” or “the Final Rule”.  Choose a program that reflects such.

Work with HIPAA Experts: Make your life easier by choosing experts in this new area of HIPAA law.  One that has had legal guidance when writing their program.  Be sure that your HIPAA coaches will also offer updates to their program and that they can speak to all of the new Omnibus Rules with finesse.

Create a Relationship with your HIPAA Coach: Be sure you can relate and interact with your new HIPAA coaches with ease.  This subject matter is convoluted and complicated enough!  You want to be sure you have an ally in the HIPAA Coach that you choose, not a heavy militant approach. Be sure that your HIPAA Guide can make themselves available via phone or email to answer questions and make clarifications as you implement these new cumbersome protocols.

HIPAA…It’s the new OSHA!  But the new HIPAA laws are even more intense and expensive.  Don’t be caught off-guard or out-of-sync. Get hip with a comprehensive HIPAA solution.



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